Custom Knife Gallery

Knives for the Anatomic Pathologist are designed for optimum length, edge retention, and grip in all laboratory environments.

I also make traditional chalef knives for the shochet for the traditional practice of shechita. They meet the traditional requirements of the ritual blade, but are made from advance steel alloys for optimum sharpenability, edge retention, and chip resistance.

Also available are traditional brit mila knives, but made custom exotic materials and advanced alloy steels for sharpen ability to a razor edge.

My knives are in homes, professional kitchens, and Pathology Offices in the US and around the world. Each knife has lifetime service, sharpening, and repair (other than abuse) and I invite you to allow me to bring them back to their highest performance. Every chef, home cook, Pathologist needs his or her favorite knife, and we’re here to help you find yours.